How To Use Birch Syrup?

Our birch syrup is a natural sweetener, made of pure birch sap collected in Estonian forests. It only contains natural sugars inherent in birch sap, as well as a variety of different minerals, most prominently calcium and potassium.

The birch syrups are made by concentrating the sap with the help of the latest evaporation technology. The colour and taste nuances of the birch syrup depend partly on the degree to which the syrup is concentrated and caramelised, partly on the terroir and the period of sap collection. We offer three different syrups ranging from light and golden to deep dark with a rich caramel taste.

All birch syrups are quite versatile and well suited to add flavour to very different kinds of dishes and drinks.

The light birch syrup has a honey-like, slightly citrusy taste. It works well in desserts, on pancakes, and also for salad dressings or for glazing delicate fish. Golden in colour, it only contains non-caramelised sugar, thus remaining closest to the original taste of pure birch sap. The dark syrups display intense caramel flavours with woodlandy notes. The medium syrup is reminiscent of velvety molasses, the dark syrup is a little more tangy, with morello-like finish. They are excellent for flavouring meat, fish and salad dressings and they can be successfully used to marinate meat, fish or vegetables before grilling or roasting. They work equally well with sweet dishes – desserts, cakes, spreads, ice cream or breakfast cereals. All syrups have proved a good inspiration for tasty cocktails.

Here are some birch syrup recipes the Kasekunst team has tried out and liked.