Leader Evaporator

leader-logoLeader Evaporator Inc. is the largest producer of the supplies for gathering maple sap and birch sap, and of syrup making equipment in the United States. It has been operating in Vermont already since 1888. Drawing upon its years of experience, Leader Evaporator today has a key position in advancing the sugaring industry, and is generally considered the most cutting edge enterprise in its field in the USA. In cooperation with scientific research institutions they develop ever more economic equipment, gentle on the environment.

Leader Evaporator supplies and machinery are made of high quality food grade materials. Their workshop produces new generation reverse osmosis machines, evaporators and everything else for making maple syrup and birch syrup on the spot. It is much harder to make birch syrup than maple syrup, as the sugar content in birch sap is only 1%, compared to the 2% in maple sap. It is exactly thanks to the advances in innovative technology that the production of natural gourmet birch syrup has become not only possible, but also commercially viable.

We bought our first evaporator from Leader Evaporator autumn 2014 and this turned out to be the start of a highly enjoyable and inspiring cooperation. Leader Evaporator has been kind enough to share its extensive experience and we have learned from them a lot. Leader Evaporator always reacts quickly, offers advice when needed and helps to find good practical solutions to tricky problems.

Today we are the official representative of Leader Evaporator in Europe. We are happy to share the specialist knowledge accumulated from them, as well as our own experience. If you wish to gather birch or maple sap with modern implements that are reusable and do not damage the trees, or you would like to try syrup making, do get in touch – our pricing is good value and useful tips come free of charge.