Stewed Sauerkraut with Dark Birch Syrup

Stewed Sauerkraut with Dark Birch Syrup

1 kg sauerkraut (preferrably milder flavoured; rinse thoroughly and drain, if too acidic)

1 carrot (optional)

Piece of meat (optional; we used lamb)

Dark birch syrup to taste



Place sauerkraut, grated or sliced carrot, and meat into a saucepan and add just enough water to cover them. Add the birch syrup when the sauerkraut is still crunchy and continue stewing until everything is thoroughly cooked through and soft. Take the meat out of the saucepan, cut into smaller pieces and, if wished, mix them into the sauerkraut.


The slightly tangy caramel flavour of the dark birch syrup works with sauerkraut splendidly. If wished, drizzle some more syrup on the sauerkraut just before serving, to enhance the taste.